Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Artist Closeup with Painter & Architect Mark Allen

Shasta Sunset by Mark Allen

I have always painted for myself. Painting is how I explore the world around me and express how I perceive it. Art and science may seem mutually exclusive in today's world, but it wasn't always thus, and I strive to revive art as a scientific instrument. I find painting and drawing to be powerful tools in teaching us to see what's all around us – through the simple act of following an amazing line or pattern into infinity.

Hayz by Mark Allen

 I've always viewed my paintings as entries in my journal – part of my reference library that reminds me of where I've been and how I saw the world, which often leads to what's next. I had never considered selling my art – until I discovered giclée  reproductions. They can so precisely replicate the original, I feel I have as full-dimensional a “journal entry” as ever.

 I judge a painting by its ability to always please me, and, even better, to be an ongoing source of discovery and rediscovery.  I hope this is what you'll find in my collection of paintings and giclée prints.
Prefumo Canyon Road by Mark Allen