Sunday, September 12, 2010

ARTIST CLOSEUP • Gregory Stephen McIntosh

Gallery at Marina Square Presents a “Close Up” of Artist:

Gregory Stephen McIntosh

The Other © Gregory Stephen McIntosh
“The owl of sleep
                calls out
   To coax you
                to his tree of dreams”

Figurative and atmospheric expressions emerge in gouache, pastel, powdered pigment, ink and oil, as monotype and painting. The form and content are neither abstractions nor representations, not ornamental nor a likeness, but rather exist as reality unto themselves, providing perhaps a glimpse into that vital inner world of unrealizable dreams.”

                                                Gregory Stephen McIntosh

Augur © Gregory Stephen McIntosh
Magus © Gregory Stephen McIntosh
Revelation II © Gregory Stephen McIntosh
Jason © Gregory Stephen McIntosh

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Donnie McIntosh said...

A big fan!! I have 8 original pieces done by Gregory McIntosh and there are many more that I would like to get my hands on more. Thank you for your creations as everyone who comes into my home also gets to enjoy.
Keep the fire burning Greg!!!!

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