Sunday, November 13, 2011

ARTIST CLOSEUP • Galen Griswold

Gallery at Marina Square Presents a “Close Up” of Artist:

Galen Griswold

“As the artist, I want people to enjoy what they see in my work. It is people, painting, purpose, and possibility that keeps me going in life. I am inspired by other people and their work and have fun creating mine. Marina Square Gallery and friends have created a masterpiece of a place for people to come and enjoy. And, I am so glad to be a part of it. One witnesses in nature Bergson's elan vital (vital energy) and when one paints the experience is like Pablo Neruda's poem--a focused feeling of being ‘fully empowered’.”

Crystal Cove #3 © Galen Griswold

Galen Griswold is a plein-air painter that loves capturing the moment… Paint flows naturally with its own motion. Movement, energy, color come together and the painting experience is serendipitous. Our coastal area and the islands of Maine are often featured in Galen’s work.

Galen studied at San Francisco Art Institute. He is a student of Ted Georschner and Ted Chistensen. He was chosen for a three-week program at the School of Art on Deer Isle in Maine. Over 1,100 collectors enjoy the color, the freshness, and the energy of his work.

Ames Pond Reflections © Galen Griswold
Marigold Fields © Galen Griswold

Galen paints with oils and acrylics, and his work is featured at Gallery at Marina Square. He loves the great outdoors and the breath-taking beauty of our landscape experience. First a field sketch is often done in acrylic. The painting is sometimes then completed in the studio with oil. Galen attacks the canvas in each case from the inside-out, focusing first on the larger shapes and receives the specifics from the scene itself outside-in. He delights in working with the paint and the elements—their flow and vibration is reminiscent of the nature that it reflects.

Stowe Lake Bridge © Galen Griswold
Maine Sail © Galen Griswold
Vineyard Road © Galen Griswold

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