Friday, April 1, 2016

ARTIST CLOSEUP • Ardella Swanberg

Artist Closeup with Painter Ardella Swanberg

Ardella Swanberg earned a Bachelor of Science in Art Education, at University of Minnesota. While still in high school, she was awarded a figure drawing class scholarship to Chouinard Art Institute.

Ardella has been an award winning artist since 1962 and has had 20 art exhibits and one person shows. Her work is in national and international corporate collections.

One of her works was published in Watercolor Magazine, Winter 2002 issue, in an article titled An Artistic Journey Through Spain. She illustrated The Centennial Collection, published by Bechtel Wives of the Bay Area, 1998 and the dedication portrait of Robert Lyon in My Heart Belongs to Cayucos.

Composition is important to Ardella and so is skillful drawing so she has taken many life drawing and design classes. She tries every interesting technique that comes along but prefers a straight-forward approach to painting. She usually makes a small practice composition and then begins the painting with a free hand drawing, often in pencil, sometimes in pen and ink or charcoal. It all depends on the effect she wants. She was a watercolor purist for many years which meant that she used light pencil marks and only transparent watercolor. She still enjoys that method but sometimes it is too restrictive.


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