Wednesday, October 24, 2012

ARTIST CLOSEUP • Karen Peterson

Gallery at Marina Square Presents a “Close Up” of Artist:

Karen Peterson

Karen Peterson
I received my first camera on my ninth birthday and I enjoyed taking snapshots of my family on vacations and of friends around my neighborhood. I didn’t consider the artistic aspects of photography until my Dad gave me his old Zeiss Contaflex 35mm SLR when I was in my twenties. I began taking the occasional weekend photography seminar (Point Reyes Field Seminars was my favorite location) and joined the Palo Alto Camera Club. Showing and sharing my images with other photographers encouraged me to take my photography in new directions. I began experimenting with Polaroid films, eventually teaching short seminars on Polaroid Image and Emulsion Transfers using Polacolor film. I studied traditional black and white darkroom techniques at UC Berkley Extension in San Francisco and hand coloring using Marshall’s Photo Oils. 

Chapel Hill Sunset © Karen Peterson

Since moving to the Central Coast in 1999 I’ve been actively involved in the Central Coast Photographic Society and the San Luis Obispo Camera Club, serving terms as President of both organizations. I’m currently experimenting with various digital techniques including High Dynamic Range (HDR).
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Deb‘s Iris © Karen Peterson

Fall Color Morro Bay ©
Karen Peterson

Afternoon at the Beach © Karen Peterson
It’s in the Cards © Karen Peterson